The BEYONCE Experience

BeyonceIt’s been a long time since my last entry. (my web designer John keeps saying..”you have to write more blogs!!!) i agree with him. Well if you read the last blog I didn’t know if the opportunity would arise again…and it did!!!! I am so grateful to have been selected by Beyonce and her creative director Frank Gatson jr. to contribute some work to her current World Tour. It’s really special because Frank has set it up for many creative folk to get this amazing credit on their resumes. I got to work on the song Naughty Girl (photo above) and I also got to work on an intro duet before the song Freakum Dress. They actually built her entire set on a huge soundstage in brooklyn and we would go work on movement there and in the city. I must admit the first night she sat about 15 feet away singing through her entire show watching the lights……..  I will never forget.  I have been blasting her music right from the emergence of Destiny’s Child!!! : ) Everyone wants to know what is she like?  Extremely down to earth, gracious, and very appreciative of the different types of artists coming in to add to her show.


Back in July my assistants and I caught the show in Dallas Texas. What a night!! They got us amazing seats and when she recognized us from the stage ..she waved! This was my first venture in this world…and to see my sections with all those screaming heads….sent chills up my spine. When we got Backstage, it was really cool to see the dancers, who were very happy to see us. Once we got to Beyonce’s dressing room, she was so thankful and told us it made her feel good to see us out there. When I think about my life…. the ups and downs… I feel good.  I hope to continue to do this and inspire many more artists. here’s to more hard work and DREAMS coming true.


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