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Dancing his work has given me some of my freest moments onstage, because of the amazing environment he always creates through his choreography.

Daniel Harder
Dancer, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

I survived Hurricane Moultrie. Darrell turned on my electricity. I’ve been running strong ever since. He taught me that belief is Power.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Former Dancer, Cullberg Ballet

The atmosphere he creates in the studio and onstage is at the same time both intense and amiable, demanding and inspiring. His talent defies genres.

Katherine Lawrence
Principal Dancer, Ballet West

One of the first times that I can remember feeling completely confident, calm, totally nerve free, is when I was dancing one of Darrell’s works. I trusted him and knew that his process would make me a better performer.

Jermaine Spivey
Principal Dancer,  Kidd Pivot

Darrell doesn’t make dance; he makes the body sing. I have belted some major chords because of his ability to bring out the soul of a dancer.

Angela Dice Nguyen
Dancer at DanceWorks Chicago